Sunday, September 26, 2010

the rest of yesterday's pile

Here is some detail of the shirt I talked about yesterday. I added 3 of the buttons, and made loops for closures. I also tacked down the facing at the back of the neck, which is poofing up in this picture. The red line at the edge is a small, close zig-zag stitch, which wasn't really visible in yesterday's picture, even though I mentioned it. Inside the front pieces is a lining of red brocade with black flowers.

I'm making the loops for the buttons from crochet thread, to give them a little heft, but not too much. I didn't want to mark the front of the top with actual button holes. The pattern I based this top off of would not have opened in the front at all, so I kind of had to figure that out for myself.

I finished Raine's pajamas, too. Dinosaurs on them, so they were pretty popular. She wore them to bed tonight in fact. I'll have to look around for the fabric scraps because her favorite stuffed dog, Jody, needs pajamas like hers. I think if you click the picture, you can see the fabric of the pajamas pretty well.

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