Saturday, January 17, 2009

another step into the digital age

So, you probably know that Circuit City is closing. Soon. They are having sales on everything. As many stores seem to do at these times, they seem to have raised prices on some things so that they could then "discount" them. Ah well. We did some sorta smart shopping, though. We took the time to figure out our price range, and talked about items we might shop for before we took the drive to El Paso.

We ended up picking up a couple of MP3 players, and some helpful stuff for said players. First one for me, although Ron has had one for a couple of years, and got to upgrade. I've been thinking about one for a little while, but I don't want to have to wear earphones all the time. We got speakers so that won't have to happen. It has a tiny little screen for pictures and video, although the thought of actually trying to watch something on that screen is a little... amusing.

Do you know there are audio recordings of books that you can load into your MP3 player? I learned that recently, and I think that was what tipped the scales and really got me wanting one.

Now, I just have to load it up, and start listening.

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