Saturday, January 10, 2009

storage & purging

Ron and I did make it to the storage unit. And we emptied it. No, we didn't bring everything home, but that's OK. We threw away some things that we needed to throw away, and, OK, we got a much smaller unit and put some of the stuff in it. Most of it came home with us in the form of boxes of stuff. Books, mainly. Since these books were all in storage for who knows how long, and at my parent's house before that, I suggested taking them to Coas straight away, and seeing what they would give us for them. Carl suggested looking through them and putting some on to see what we could get for them there. He is going to try that. Who knows, there may even be something worthwhile in one of those boxes.

Among the other stuff we brought home were the old movie projector and slide projector that my folks had. Not just the projectors, but the home movies and slides. Both projectors were in their cases, and aside from being a little dusty (but not like they COULD have been) looked in great shape. Don't know how the films and slides faired, but I'll look through them soon. What fun to have movie and slide nights! Of course anything worth saving should be digitized, and we'll work on that too. There are a lot of family photos that need that organizational effort, as well.

Sigh. So much for the dent I had made in our box collection.

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Fran said...

But no storage unit! Yay for that!