Thursday, January 29, 2009

it must be thursday

So, it is, indeed, Thursday. Raine made it through a whole day of school, allergies and all. On good behavior, too. Yay. Already tomorrow is Friday, and there are so many things I haven't gotten done this week that I need to. Ah well, it just will be done when it is.

I've been enjoying Ravelry (listed to the side of the blog if any crafters are interested in checking it out) and they have a queue feature, that lets you list your list of projects for yourself, and anyone else who is interested or curious. Well, I have a couple of projects on my queue, mostly listed as they begin to be worked on, instead of organized and prioritized. Well, I don't know if I'll ever get organized enough to list them on Ravelry, but I have been working on my personal queue. Getting projects that I would like to work on organized, gathering materials and tools for each, and... well, not exactly lining them up, but close. It's more like, here you go! What do you feel like working on? You know what? I think there are a lot of things that will be more tempting to work on when they are all put together like that. It gives me a happy feeling, kind of like that stack of books, just waiting to be read. Its a comfort knowing they are there.

Speaking of projects, I've been working on those socks some more. Ron got the missing needle out from under(ish) the chair. Yay, Ron! I haven't managed to stab myself again (that gave me a new appreaciation of the punch test demos that our SCA fencers would periodically put on). I've actually seemed to gain a little momentum on in as I get more used to the small needles and stitches, and having the other needles hanging around in the way. I have two thirds of the ribbing done, and then onward and toe-ward.

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