Sunday, January 4, 2009

much better day

My knees are kinda twinge-y and I have to go back to work tomorrow, but even with that, I managed to get over myself some from yesterday.

I finished Lynda's scarf, and gave it to her. I didn't even get a picture of it first. I still can get a picture, and I will, but she liked it very much. I like the combination of threads that I used, and I think they will go with a lot of things. I made one... mistake in it. Well I'm sure I made many mistakes, but this one shows - sort of - if you know where to look. I got a loop around the edge of the scarf, I'm not sure how. It doesn't affect how the scarf looks or works and I left it partly (but only very partly) because I didn't want to tear out the two LONG rows I had done above it but mostly because I thought it was an interesting flaw. Is that a weird thing to do?

There are also some things I didn't get done over the holidays. Although I did a good job of reducing our box count in the computer room/library, I didn't get books put away like I had planned to. Still, clearing out the closet made room to put things away out of the way of those shelves, and the job will be easier on the whole now. IF I have enough shelf space, that is.

I also didn't get any sewing done for myself. Hmmmm there is a 3 day weekend coming up soon. That may be my plan. I still want to do some crochet and knitting...but I'll have to consider what my next project will be.

Also, although I didn't do too badly food-wise during the holidays, I definately slipped up some. Back to the routine for me. Maybe time to add some variety in that routine to help make it more appealing. I've been looking through the southbeach books, and I'll keep you posted on the recipes I liked.

As for now, I'd better not procrastinate bed time too much longer, for that alarm will ring, and I must respond regardless.

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Fran said...

There are Native American tribes who believe that you need to leave a flaw in any artistic work or you'll trap the spirit there and it'll become angry. So you did the right thing!

It's hard to get back into the grind, and I do sympathize with your knee. Good luck!