Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This semester, I've "inherited" a class from another teacher. Long story short is that he is a coach, and would like to be coaching 4th period (block schedule, so last class of the day), and the administration reassigned his class to me.

I was willing to take the class, because I enjoy teaching, and I had been missing it. Not that I wasn't working or helping students out, because I have been, all year. But they weren't MY students working on lessons for ME. I missed it. The whole planning, presenting, seeing the learning happen etc. The process.

On the other hand, his classes have a reputation. And not a good one. Still.

So today was the first day for me to have them. And I made sure everything was ready, just so. And that was first period. Then second, third... just waiting for them. I have to laugh at myself, really. The anticipation.

When 4th period arrived, and I started in on the introduction, I knew it was going to be OK. At least. I'm hoping for great, but I know that probably won't be every day. Still, I respect these students for being willing to take on a new (to them) teacher, just as I was willing to take on a new class.


Fran said...

Did I skip a step? Or lose something in the sieve that I laughingly call my mind? I thought you were teaching.

But good on ya for taking on the coach's kids! What subject is it?

Dina said...

I've been running a Content Mastery Center. In other words a place for teachers to send students who need extra help or a quiet place to work. I'm also facilitating reading lab time for some students who don't get it otherwise and who need it. But no scheduled classes, and no deciding curriculum and no grading.

The class I'm teaching now is 9th grade English.

Fran said...

Honestly, it sounds like a little slice of heaven. But I can see missing class time too.