Thursday, January 22, 2009

busy weekend in sight

Raine's birthday is this weekend. Sunday. We're having her party on Saturday, and weekend guests to help celebrate it. I think we will all have a fun time, especially Raine, who will have sleep-over Friday and Saturday night. More dinosaurs and bionicles than she can shake a stick at in store. I foresee much playing and laughter this weekend.

And exhaustion. Yes, come Sunday we'll all be on the ragged edge of snapping at each other. I'm bad about that. I know I am. I try to be better, but I'm just not my best when tired. Who is?

Still. Exhausted in a good, satisfied way from good friends, and happy celebration. There are worse things, aren't there. Fair warning, though. I don't know whether I'll get in here to blog, might just be busy watching movies, chatting and threatening kids who are too excited to fall asleep.

Have a good weekend, too.

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Fran said...

Oh, I hope it was happy and fun and she's so tired she'll sleep until the alarm goes off tomorrow.

And I hope you guys are hanging in there too! There's nothing quite like a youngster's birthday party, especially if it somehow lasts all weekend.