Tuesday, January 27, 2009

this and that

Got Raine to the Doctor today. I really like her, and so does Raine. She got the second flu shot. The first one made her throw up, so here's hoping for the best. The Dr said all the coughing and runny nose was allergy related, and so was the swelling in her throat. I thought it might be tonsillitis, they thought maybe strep. Nope, allergies will make your adenoids swell. I didn't know that but now I do. The plan is that Raine and I both go to school tomorrow. Ron is home for another day, down with stomach ickies.

The puncture wound on (in?) my hand seems to be on the way to healing. No disturbing redness or other sign of infection. I actually worked on the socks again today... and dropped one of the knitting needles down the side of the chair, where it got stuck in a place where I can't get it out. I tried. Raine and her slender fingers and agility tried. No luck. Fortunately I have another set that size so I pulled one of them out and continued. If anything else happens with these needles, I'll declare they don't like me and move completely to the other set. So there.

It shaping up to be a weird week, being gone from work for a couple of unplanned days. I'm anxious to get back and pick up the pieces. Of course it will be a start early and stop late day. I think I'm supposed to be two places at once after school. I love that.

But for now, I good night's sleep seems to be in order.

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