Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm doing a poetry unit with my students. One of their latest assignments was to write a poem using color imagery/symbolism. I wrote one myself to share in the activity. Nothing great as poems go, but still, it got me thinking about the sun, more or less in that poetic way that poetry will inspire.

I thought about how much I really enjoy the sun, and its light. Makes everything easier for me to see. Things show you more of their true selves in the sunlight. Now that I am crafting more, I crave the longer days to be able to really see what I'm doing. I also like the warmth. I know, I'll be complaining a bit about the heat come summer, but on days like we've been having lately, when the temperatures get into the high 60's in the afternoons, the sun's warmth is just delicious.

Yes, I love a sunny room. I'm a morning person, especially if the sun is up. It doesn't have to be waaay up, but just up enough for light. I would have depression issues living where there are more cloudy days than not. I need the sun.


Fran said...

And here's where we part ways.

I don't suffer from depression brought on by clouds and dark and grey. But too many sunny days in a row, and I do become depressed. Clinically depressed. Ever we move back to NM, it's something I have to guard against.

But you're a morning person too, and I'm on the other end of the spectrum. If I had my way, I'd be going to bed about the time you're getting up.

Still, that's what makes friendships interesting, isn't it? The differences as well as the similarities!

Dina said...

If we were all the same, what would we have to talk about???

...or go "huh?" about?