Friday, January 9, 2009

might as well laugh

Lately, I've been a pretty happy camper about getting to do all kinds of crafting. I even feel good about getting back into the crafting guild. As I've been considering what my next project will be, though, I've been a little stumped. I mean, the big dragon is on hold until I can find the pattern. Of course I have a pile of cut-out garments that I could sew up. They are right next to the pile of fabric I could cut out! That's just across from the stack of books I could be reading. They - in turn - are sitting on top of a box that could be emptied by sorting and putting away the contents. As you can tell, I've obviously nothing to do.

When I was going through the fabric, I noticed, once again, that I have a lot of bits and pieces, odds and ends saved up. That's what happens when you like to make Barbie clothes... or quilts. I have bags. The bags have bags. There are totes full of these smaller pieces of fabric. I was thinking that might be my project for this weekend. Getting started on a quilt. Sounds simple enough... (only if you're inexperienced at it, lol).

Of course the other shoe is going to drop now. We got the storage shed, and Ron has finished putting it together and moving things around to put in it from the house. I've been quietly trying to encourage that so we could get stuff out of storage and stop paying that fee every month. That was the main idea back in October when we bought the shed. I've been waiting, so tomorrow is the hurry-up day. We need to get it done. We really do. I even know most of the muscle work will be done by Ron and not by me. But I have to help because I have to.... as I look longingly at the fabric... sigh...

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Fran said...

What a wonderful dilemma to have! And if you're looking for a quilting project, I have to say the qwillows that some friends made for Lillian and me are absolutely fabulous!

I hope your weekend was both fun-filled AND productive!