Saturday, January 31, 2009

out of the mouths...

So, Friday morning, getting ready for school, Raine tells me "you and daddy should get married again."

"What?" I say... not quite getting the point of her comment. Thinking, so what happened that we aren't still married? Renew our vows? Why would a six-year-old care about that? So, "Why?" I asked.

"...and then have another kid," she says. "I want a brother."

Ohhhhh. I say, and we talk about how brothers are likely to play with your toys when you don't want them to, and stuff like that. At this point, a sibling is unlikely for her. And, it surprises me a little, as she has not really expressed an interest in having one in the past.

It was also interesting to me because of a comment I had made the night before regarding people who think that marriage rights shouldn't be extended to gays and lesbians because (among other misguided things) marriage is for procreation. The gist of the comment being that it isn't marriage that causes pregnancy, but sex. Clearly, there is a precedent for thinking otherwise. It just takes a six-year-old mentality to set it forth.

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Fran said...

You know, I was about that age when I asked for a brother too. And a horse.

Got both. Be careful what you wish for.

But I love the way Raine thinks!