Friday, January 30, 2009

young frankenstein

Yeah, you know the movie. I bet you quote lines from it, just like I do. "Put the candle beck!" or "werewolf?" "Therewolf" or maybe even, "hump? what hump?" Well, we watched it this evening, on DVD of course.

You know, of course I knew it was funny, and entertaining, and I've obviously seen it more than once. This time, though, I noticed just how well the movie has aged. Not everything that Mel Brooks has done has aged so well. I think, if I read my roman numerals correctly, that this movie came out in 1974. The black & white was controversial, but what a great choice! The writing was... well, maybe not brilliant, but very entertaining. This movie has a great cast, even though some of them are gone now. I can still - as I did this evening (even while knitting on socks) - pick out some new nuance that I hadn't before.

Yes, I still have to give this movie a thumbs-up. If you haven't watched it again lately, maybe its time.

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