Thursday, January 8, 2009

sewing guild

The monthly sewing guild (ASG) meeting was tonight. Before I was married, I belonged to the guild, and I really enjoyed it. Nice people. Learned some good sewing tips. Saw some awesome stuff that people had made.

It wasn't so much getting married that made me drop out, per se, but of course moving to a new place, with a new husband, and hopes of a new job, and not much money all contributed. When I got back into town, I had a 6-month-old, and not much time to spare for other interests. Now she is almost 6, and will let me out of her sight. I've begun to do a lot of the crafts I have enjoyed in the past, and sewing is only one of them.

I've been to a few meetings since I've been back in town (lo these 5 years) and have enjoyed them. I see a lot of the same faces from before, and some new ones too. I've thought about joining again, but the time never seemed right. Well tonight, I didn't think about it, I just filled out the form and wrote the check. Woo hoo!

A small thing really, but sometimes the small things can be important. This one way to show myself that I feel sewing is important to me. That learning new techniques is valuable. Participating in community service projects is important, and they do some good ones. Being creative is a good thing, and helps me be a happy person.

OK. Now, any one wanna come join with me? I love having my friends around doing the stuff I like to do, too!

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