Thursday, January 1, 2009

a new tradition?

This year with the approach of New Year's Eve, people would ask, what are you doing for new year's? Nothing. As I wrote about yesterday, I'm not really a big, formal party person. Still it does seem appropriate to celebrate the new year in some way, and I'm always ready to include friends. Carl and I talked about how it would be fun to have a potluck/gaming party starting about noon and going until - say- 7. That way people who had new year's day off could go and enjoy themselves even if they had to get up and get back to work the next day. Our only problem is that, even though we added square footage to our house and an extra room, we actually lost living area space. We don't have room to host a party and gaming session at our house. Good news? We know friendly people who do, so we contacted them and arranged things with one of the couples. It was a small gathering, and we ate and talked and gamed and had a really nice time.

Now we are home, and getting through the evening rituals in a reasonable way, at a reasonable time. Could this be the start of a new tradition? I could see it, and I would enjoy it...

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Fran said...

What a great tradition! To begin a new year with adventure? I can't think of a better portent!