Saturday, January 3, 2009

one of those days

Today has been one. Not a bad day to all appearances. I even made it through Wal-Mart without serious mishap - or even minor mishap. Got the cat some food. Got the Christmas Cards finished (yes, I KNOW they are very late...). But nothing I've done today, even though I accomplished stuff, broke the bad mood I've been in.

Its one of those moods where I blame everything on everyone but me. I'm grumbly and cranky. I at least have gotten to the level of self awareness when I get like this to NOT have a discussion or pick a fight. I know I would say things that I really don't want to say, and really don't mean, except when its. just. NOT. my. fault.

So, in the spirit of saying nothing if you can't say something nice, I'll keep this short, and hope for a better mood tomorrow.


Fran said...

I know those moods all too well, and I hope you can get a lovely, long good night's sleep and wake up on the other side of it.

Vic said...

I have most of my cards addressed, but I have yet to send them off. I'm really late. I know the grumpy moods, I've been jumping between that and just out right pissed off most of the past week. But things hopefully will settle now.