Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For some reason, this semester, the "powers that be" (meaning whomever decides these things) has decided that Wednesday is meeting day. Pretty much every Wednesday morning has been an 8AM meeting since school started. Well, not the FIRST Wednesday, because that was the day after we had inservice meetings, and we had to be there early to hand out schedules.

This week, I had to stay after for a meeting. Actually there were two different meetings that were scheduled for the same time today, but since I have trouble being in two places at once, I only made it to one of them. AH, well.

Why is it, when the budget push comes to shove, these meetings suddenly have to be on "my" time? I'm just supposed to rearrange my schedule to accommodate a meeting? What if I really don't want to go? Having it off the clock does not increase my desire to attend, or attend. (if you get the dual meaning there...) If they want my best work, then can pay me for it.

Neither does the fact that they are still rehashing and restarting what has been started over and over and over... but never seems to get past the starting point. Oh yeah, and heaven forbid that we do anything but start from the beginning and reinvent a wheel that will never get driven on. And they wonder, those powers that be, why we aren't falling all over ourselves with enthusiasm THIS time...

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Fran said...

I used to use superfluous meetings to grade papers. But you've reminded me of reasons that I don't miss teaching!