Friday, January 16, 2009

no good, very bad day

When I got home from work today, Raine was in time out, in her bed (actually had fallen asleep). Yep, that's what kind of day it was for her, today. Now, understand that today was supposed to be Fun Friday. They were going to finger paint. Raine was actually excited to go to school today. Probably, so were all the other kids. Too excited.

According to Ron, the whole class was a little rowdy, and got in trouble at some point. But, no, that wasn't the end of our troubles. Neither was doing the work in class - or, rather, NOT doing it. The icing on the cake was Raine and a couple of her classmates in the bathroom, all three in one stall, screaming and laughing. Do you have youngsters? Did you at one time? Imagine the shrill echoing and laughter. I know I did. I'm sure it wasn't difficult to find them.

Yes, she went through all the levels of the behavior chart in one day. Lovely. I'm glad she doesn't do that every day. But, here she is, now. Punishment must be terrible enough to let her know she doesn't want to face it again, but not cruel. So, it will not be a fun weekend for her. No friends, no computer games. Wish I had thought to ask her... "what would Santa say about that?" It's still close enough to Christmas to envoke that, isn't it?

And her birthday is next weekend...

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Fran said...

phoe5nixAhh, there you have it. Ty's birthday is 10 days before Christmas and when he was Raine's age he ALWAYS got in trouble right about that time of year. When I finally called him on it, his rationale was that between birthday and Christmas, what with everyone being so nice and all, he could get away with a lot more.

It isn't always easy having smart kids.

Good luck!