Tuesday, January 6, 2009

x-files movie

We watched the new X-Files Movie tonight. Don't ask me what the real name of it is, I don't know. I liked the movie, however. Much more of Scully and Mulder solve a mystery with a little supernatural help than the commercials indicated. It fact, the commercials made it seem they were headed for the icecaps again in search of more aliens. Not the case. Which is a good thing, really. I had to agree with Carl when he said those commercials weren't really much of a draw for him. There are no aliens involved in the plot here, a little bit of the unknown, and a protagonist who really isn't all that good of a guy, and a lot of let's hurry and get here or there.

I don't want to give a way any spoilers here... but Scully and Mulder finally got romantically involved, although that is also not the point of the movie. Even so, they still call each other by their last names. Mulder has Gillian's number in his phone. (at first I thought it said Gilligan, lol)

If you are an X-Files fan, I recommend this movie to you. It is rated PG-13, and there are some medical procedures that some young-uns would not be comfortable watching. Still, the plot came together reasonably well, and I enjoyed it overall.

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