Monday, January 19, 2009

convention schedule

Anyone reading this unaware that I'm a total geek? Well, let me tell you, I've even been to a con or two in my time. One year Carl and I drove to Dallas for one, and then another time we rode the train to Baltimore for one. They were both gaming conventions, and we had a blast.

I've been to 3 or 4 Start Trek conventions as well. I love to watch (and actually own) the blooper reel. I've got autographs. I've got ST Barbies. I even have (as of this past Christmas) my very own Star Trek shirt, complete with emblem.

So, when I read about Wil Wheaton, or some of the web comic artists planning their con trips, it makes me want to go, too. In fact Wil Wheaton wrote about going to Phoenix Comicon next weekend! Well, I could get to that. OK, not this year, we've already planned Raine's birthday party, and we have people coming in from out of town. It would really be rude not to be here. But NEXT year! NEXT YEAR to Phoenix Comicon. Its a plan! (I hope Wil will be going next year, too...)


Fran said...

I have a couple of Star Trek connections, for what it's worth. Well, three.

One of our customers is James Doohan's widow. She's a sweetie, and so is her daughter. They both took to the stage this winter, so the talent lives on!

And yes, I was invited to go see their performance. But it snowed. A lot.

Then too, can you picture the nacelles on the Enterprise? The swirling sparkly things, known as Bussard Ramjets?

I know the widow (hmmm, a theme here?) of the scientist who invented the ion collection process that actually works, and that was utilized by Gene Roddenberry for the nacelles.

And Connor Trinneer came into the shop. Turns out his brother lives in the area. He's very nice!

Dina said...

Just my idea of "pop" culture!